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PCB Assembly

For a greater range of design features, Tortai produces many switch assemblies utilizing rigid printed circuit boards. All of the features of a membrane switch assembly may be integrated into this type of construction with the addition of through-hole and SMT components.

Some of the design parameters met using PCB keypad assemblies include:

Keypads which utilize mechanical switch, metal dome or conductive rubber switch contacts 

Multi-layer PCBs incorporating screened graphic overlays or molded silicone rubber keypads 

PS/2 interfaces, electronic modules and backlighting inverters Rubber keypads with conductive carbon pills that contact the PCB directly, or keypads with plastic actuators used to contact electro-mechanical switches

Hybrid designs combining flexible top circuits with PCBs Environmental sealing enabling the backlighting of rubber keypads and assembly of electronic components available only with PCBs

Design options include various connectors, mounting hardware, flat panel displays, backlighting methods, tactile feel options, surface-mounted or traditionally mounted electronic components, and a wide variety of graphic overlay options. 


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